My baby’s 2!

Time is going by too fast, can’t believed she’s now 2! 😢 Planned her party myself and it’s my first time planning a party. Sucks that it had to rain in the beginning and was cold the rest of the day. I couldn’t get my baby a jumper because of that. 😒😔 Anyway I loved how her backdrop and cake came out. I didn’t even wanna have a big party but did it all for my baby. Turned out she had a blast and that’s all that matters. ❤️❤️❤️

She blew candles out a few times before but she couldn’t blow it out that day lol. On her real birthday she blew it out though haha.


My gorgeous baby😍😍😍

Her dress finally came in so I had to! Thought it would be perfect on her but it’s a little big. I made it worked though lol. Whoever visits here gets to see the photos first I guess lol. This mommy couldn’t wait til chinese new year to post them. 😅 Will post on fb and ig on cny. 

Meeting bae

I wish I can relive that moment again lol.

If I could go back and undo every little dumb thing I did with my first ever relationship and the relationship itself, I would. Was too young to know better and was quite an embarrassment. Anyway I was a really dumb kid who was stuck on my “first love” thinking it was the end of the world when we broke up, that I couldn’t find anyone better.. which it wasn’t. It was actually just beginning. I don’t know what was wrong with me then? He wasn’t even worth it plus not even cute. I was so blind foreal. I’m so happy that it ended or I wouldn’t have met bae and have our beautiful daughter.😚

Now there’s another part before meeting him. So before I met Paige’s daddy I was already “talking” to some guy. We weren’t even official and after awhile I wasn’t feeling him but I didn’t let him know that and that I met another guy and I’m talking to that guy. Before I could tell him he already found out by someone he knew who saw me hanging out with bae at a party. I did felt really bad but you know what after blasting me on his social media to the whole world saying so many bad things about me and people commenting, calling me bad names, acting like they knew what was really going on.. I didn’t feel bad for doing what I did anymore. 

Anyway one night I went out with my friends to a bonfire where I met Paige’s daddy. It’s pretty funny how we met. So my friends and I were just chilling and drinking then some guy(bae) came up to us asking if there’s anymore alcohol. My friend, who was kind of drunk went up to him and put both of her hands on his face and said “Hey you are so cute! You and Mei would be so cute together.  You guys would  look like a korean couple.”(lol) I was so damned surprised and embarrassed. She went on telling him that I’m beautiful.. so he took a look at me and said “hmm yes she is.” Again I was soooooo damned embarrassed. Both of my friends left us alone to talk and in my head I was like what?!… I can’t be messed up to the guy that I’m currently talking to. So the whole time I was being shy and uninterested. Btw I couldn’t really see his face because it was so dark.. he was so tall though lol. Anyway we chatted and he asked for my number so I gave it to him. He made sure that I really did by texting me lol. He asked if I wanted to go eat with him sometime.. I told him maybe. I felt really uncomfortable talking to him so I made an excuse that I needed to get back to my friends so we parted. We left the place probably an hour later.

 A couple days later I received a text from him and from there on we kept exchanging texts. The next day he texted me asking if I wanted to go eat with him. I thought to myself hey why not!? I’m just talking to the other guy and we aren’t a couple so I gotta have my options open too. Another thing was that I really wanted to see how he looked like lol. 

We met up at a sushi restaurant about two hours before I had to work. As I pulled into the parking lot and walked right to the restaurant.. there he was waiting for me. When I saw him I was like omfg…… 😍😍😍 he’s soooo damn hot!! I couldn’t believe it lol. From there on we just kept texting and talking on the phone. Also went on a few dates then he decided to ask me to be his girlfriend! So that’s how we met and got together lol.